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With the Iron Banner finally live and running, "Destiny" players can get into the groove of the PvP event until Dec. 22. Just as how the developers have announced in a previous update to fans, the rank progression has already been reset and there are certain considerations for your weapon and attack ratings.

Developer Bungie has already also implemented the awards even to those who have lost their matches. According to VG 24/7, Bungie has made this move to prevent players from quitting because of losses that do not merit any gains.

The Iron Banner does come with some changes, and more recently, the dev team for "Destiny" has released a hotfix list following "The Dark Below." In the most recent update via the official Bungie blog, the team enumerated some of the fixes that players can expect.

Some of the notable changes are in the weapons, gears, and activities. In the first one, the issue of weapon projectiles penetrating Hive shields has already been dealt with. Specific to the Pocket Infinity, the changes that were made during the Exotic weapon update has been recalled. Charging up and deactivation of the Pocket Infinity now works as it should. However, the dev has noted that players may once again encounter an issue that prevents the weapon from charging up.

For the gear, all of the existing and future Raid gear that players get from Crota's End will now be at Level 30 and aimed at being upgraded to Level 32. The Raid helmet also from Crota's End will now drop on Normal Mode and players will see it more frequently as a drop on Hard Mode.

Finally, in activities, the Fist of Crota mission is now replayable. As IGN reports, before the hotfix hit, players who have already gone through the Fist of Crota when they played "The Dark Below" cannot access the mission once they've already gone through it.

"We are also continuing to support the 'Destiny' sandbox with changes that were identified prior the launch of Expansion I," said the developer team via the blog.

Specific to the Xbox One, GameSpot has already reported that Bungie is already working on a fix for the Xbox One. Reports have been coming in from fans that they end up having to re-download a patch whenever they play "Destiny." While Bungie's work for the Xbox One is still ongoing, it has already resolved the issues of PS4 players, where the full game reverts back to Trial mode.

"Destiny" Iron Banner (Credit: YouTube/NextGen Tactics)

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