Destiny Rise of Iron
"Destiny Rise of Iron" will be out on Sept. 20. Bungie

In less than a month, “Destiny” players can look forward to the new exotic weapons thanks to Rise of Iron. This is on top of the new Vanguard trials of Osiris, the Iron Banner and Crucible.

Developer Bungie has released its gamescom livestream ViDoc, which gave an in-depth look at the progress that the Bungie team is looking to deliver with the next expansion.

There will be new secrets to uncover with “Destiny Rise of Iron.” In the new ViDoc, Bungie takes players on a journey through the new lands and enemies they will have to face in Rise of Iron.

“’Rise of Iron is about looking at the story that’s existed in the Destiny universe. This character Lord Saladin, it’s this journey to understand the past, what happened to these great heroes, and through that process, you’re saving humanity, you’re becoming an Iron Lord yourself, you’re getting to wield a giant axe,” said Christopher Barrett, game director for “Destiny” Rise of Iron” in the ViDoc.

What’s more, battle dynamics will be challenged, as Bungie tries to deliver the experience of battling in a snow blizzard in Felwinter Peak. The new expansion tries to draw players into the history, while also visiting lands that have bene forgotten or pushed aside in the Cosmodrome.

In the ViDoc, fans can also check out the sweeping landscapes of the lands that will be the main focus of “Destiny Rise of Iron.” According to the developer, guardians will also have to face enemies that have started using a nanotechnology to mutate and transform their bodies.

In addition, Gamerant landed some new legendary and exotic weapon screenshots, which will be added with the new expansion. The new screenshots show off the weapons coming in September, particularly those that will arrive in the Vanguard, Crucible and Factions, such as Occam’s Razor, Each New Day and First Citizen IX.

There is a total of six weapons for Iron Banner, namely The Unbent Tree, Saladin’s Vigil, But Not Forgotten, The Titanium Orchid and Winter’s End. For Trails of Osiris, fans can get the Burning Eye

“Destiny Rise of Iron” will be released on Sept. 20 on the PS4 and Xbox One.

"Destiny Rise of Iron" ViDoc (Credit: YouTube/destinygame)