Demi Lovato has set the record straight on her rumoured feud with Adam Lambert.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight during Saturday’s CBS Radio's “We Can Survive” concert, Lovato clarified that she and Lambert are not at odds over concert tour negotiations. Lovato said that the two of them “are really good friends,” adding, “I love him.”

Speculations about the feud started circulating when TMZ reported last week that Lovato “unceremoniously dumped” Lambert's performance as the opening act on her upcoming world tour and replaced him with Nick Jonas. It also reported that Lambert was really upset and felt betrayed.

Citing sources, TMZ reported that “angry words” were exchanged between Lovato and Lambert’s camp. An insider from Lambert’s side described the change as "very unprofessional and unethical."

During Lovato's Entertainment Tonight interview, the singer neither denied nor confirmed the alleged concert tour negotiation fall out. However, she did comment that Jonas “is one of [her] best friends” and that they were both “business partners.”

Lovato and Jonas’ working relationship and friendship began in 2008, during their Disney “Camp Rock” days. Earlier this year in May, the two former Disney stars, along with manager Phil McIntyre, even started a new record label together, called Safehouse Records.

Meanwhile, Lambert has also denied rumours about the feud. On his Twitter feed, Lambert posted that there’s “no beef” between him, Lovato and Jonas. He said, “Aww I love you all very much. No beef tween @ddlovato & @nickjonas and me. Biz negotiations are complex- why do we care about the #rumors?”

And, taking note of Lambert’s Twitter post, Lovato posted on her Twitter feed:

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