Japanese video game designer, Hideo Kojima of Kojima Productions Co., Ltd. is introduced by the Sony Corporation during their PlayStation 4 E3 2016 event in Los Angeles, California, U.S. June 13, 2016. Reuters/Mike Blake

With talks circulating left and right on “Death Stranding," fans have taken to discussing amongst themselves as to what to expect before the video game’s release. Previously, rumours of “La La Land” star Emma Stone joining the cast of Hideo Kojima’s upcoming title had been debunked. This is when it was revealed that the supposed leaked image of the actress turned out to be a photo of YouTube star Glam&Gore in her makeup tutorial for Mads Mikkelsen’s character in the game.

Another recent tidbit on the game’s cast involved Stefanie Joosten, who is known for her working history with Kojima. As some may recall, Joosten previously collaborated with Kojima in “Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain,” in which the actress portrayed the character Quiet. When asked as to whether or not she will be involved in the forthcoming Kojima Productions title, Joosten chose to keep silent, suggesting she may actually be included in the cast one way or another.

Now, some fans claim that Kojima himself will be making an appearance in “Death Stranding.” Taking into consideration his history with making cameos in “Metal Gear” titles, it seems likely that he may be doing the same in his new game. It can be remembered that Kojima was previously spotted in “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain” as a rectruitable Mother Base worker.

Fans have compared Kojima’s cameos to that of Stan Lee; the latter is known for making cameo appearances in every Marvel film, regardless as to whether or not it is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. According to some fans in the game’s Reddit community, it seems likely for Kojima to place himself in the new game. One commenter even suggested that he may be included as a secret boss.

Despite the possiblity of the rumour, Kojima and his team have yet to release official statements. Thus, the community continues to wait for updates regarding the game, especially since most details are still shrouded in mystery.

“Death Stranding” will be Kojima’s first game under his company, Kojima Productions. Besides Mikkelsen (and quite possibly Joosten), joining the cast are Guillermo del Toro and “The Walking Dead” star Norman Reedus. A release date for the game has not yet been announced, but it is slated to be released on the PlayStation 4.