A still of a scene from the film "Deadpool." Deadpool/ Facebook

“Deadpool 2” will be introducing a new mutant villain who was mostly seen in the “X-Men” comics universe. Born in Dublin, the character has the power to manipulate plants and project energy through them.

The role of the new villain will be played by Jack Kesy, Deadline reports. Kesy was part of the recently released “Baywatch” movie starring Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron. He has also been a cast member of TV shows like “The Strain” and “Claws.”

Sources have reportedly revealed the actor to be playing the role of the comic book character Black Tom. In the comics, the character has been shown as a charming ladies man with a taste for gambling. After betting his fortune away, the character took a dark turn and took up a life of crime.

Tom’s connection with Wade (Ryan Reynolds) in the comics began after he contracted a virus that threatened to take away his life. The villain later discovered that the superhero’s incredible regenerating ability could be the key to curing him of this dreadful virus.

After managing to get a sample of Wade’s body, the idea of harvesting the cells backfired. The “cure” worked initially, but the new cells started to take over Tom’s body and his life was once again in danger. The final result of these complications was that Tom’s body mutated into a plant-like creature. One side effect of this transformation was that Tom was granted some incredible powers.

Readers should note that the film may create a different origin story for the character rather than follow a similar route. When it comes to the powers, however, they may be more or less in line with what fans read in the comics.

Tom was a good friend of the mutant Juggernaut in the comics. However, there is no word yet about this character appearing in “Deadpool 2” as of now.