Crocodile Australia
Spain's Carla Suarez Navarro poses with a baby crocodile during a promotional event at the Australian Open tennis tournament at Melbourne Park, Australia, in this January 21, 2016 handout photo. Reuters/Fiona Hamilton

After a two metre crocodile was spotted sunbathing at the popular Barron River aquatic recreation area, swimmers have been urged not to take a plunge in Lake Placid. The crocodile was spotted near the entrance of the Lake Placid Recreation Park. Although authorities are not aware if the crocodile is a freshwater or saltwater species, it has been targeted for removal.

The crocodile was seen twice by a kayaker on July 5 and then again on July 7 at the popular watering hole near Cairns. The lake is within the crocodile region and a large saltwater croc was spotted in January in the area. Hence, authorities are taking no chances this time. The locals are worried about the numerous dogs that go swimming in the lake, reports

A Department of Environment and Heritage Protection spokeswoman said that only the crocodile’s tail and back legs were seen as it had already moved into the water.

“It is unconfirmed whether the crocodile is an estuarine or freshwater species, but it has been targeted for removal in accordance with the Cairns crocodile management plan. Recent crocodile sighting signs have also been placed at the lake,” the spokeswoman told The Cairns Post.

Foaming Fury director Roderic Rees has advised even rafters to stay away from the lake. Rees guides whitewater rafting tours along the Barron River. He said that there shouldn’t be any swimming in the area as crocodiles do enter the area from time to time.

Rees explained that smaller crocodiles sometimes “come up and have a look around” generally during the wet season to avoid territorial fights or flood waters. The fights take place in the bottom section of the Barron. Dog owners are particularly concerned over the warning as lots of dogs love to go swimming in Lake Placid.