Filipino singer Lea Salonga
Filipino singer Lea Salonga speaks during the celebrations of World Food Day at the FAO headquarter in Rome October 15, 2010. U.N.'s Food and Agriculture Office (FAO) appointed today Italian actor Raoul Bova, Canadian singer Celine Dion, Salonga and U.S. actress Susan Sarandon as Goodwill Ambassadors to help in the global fight against hunger. Reuters/Max Rossi

CW TV series “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” has incorporated the Filipino culture in the Thanksgiving episode of the musical-comedy drama series. The finale episode of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” will once again embrace the Filipino culture as singer and actress Lea Salonga makes her guest appearance.

Spoiler alert: This feature contains major “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” spoilers.

Salonga recently shared to her millions of Twitter followers about the news of her guest appearance in the “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” finale. Fans of the 44-year-old “Miss Saigon” star expressed their excitement over Salonga’s announcement.

Aside from her “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” finale appearance and current work in the Broadway musical “Allegiance,” GMA News Online reports that Salonga is set to appear as Helen Bechdel in the musical titled “Fun Home.” The first international production of Salonga’s new musical project is scheduled to open in Manila this November.

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According to Vulture, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” is the first TV series in the U.S. that depicts Filipino-American family life. Series creator Aline Brosh McKenna shared that Rene Gube, Filipino actor and writer of the Thanksgiving episode in “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” was essential in incorporating the Filipino culture in the CW TV series.

Gube admitted in a Vulture interview that he was excited about showing a Filipino family on network television. Gube further added that the concept encouraged him to make the Thanksgiving episode truthful and accurate.

Filipino-American actor Vincent Rodriguez III, who portrays “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” character Josh Chan, also revealed to Vulture that filming the Thanksgiving episode felt very real and close to home. Rodriguez added that Gube is a great resource when it comes to including a Filipino family on television and putting the Filipino culture in place.

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Rodriguez further shared that portraying Josh Chan in “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” means a lot to him personally. Rodriguez explained that the role currently alters network history and more Filipinos are put on the map.

“The show is not about the fact that Josh is Filipino, but the fact that it was an active choice that was made, and it was treated with such integrity, is what’s important,” Rodriguez added.

“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” stars Rachel Bloom as lead character Rebecca Bunch, who quit her job and left New York to follow and try to reunite with ex-boyfriend Josh Chan in West Covina, California. “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” will return with brand new episodes starting on Jan. 25.