“The Flash” is airing back-to-back with another masked superhero on The CW this Tuesday, Dec. 8, on The CW. On Twitter, Rose McIver of “iZombie” gives Grant Gustin a shout-out and teases what happens next to Liv Moore.

Spoiler alert: This update contains some “iZombie” Season 2 spoilers. Read on at your own risk.

“Did Liv eat @grantgust brain? Find out tomorrow night.... mid-season finale of #iZombie!” McIver tweeted Monday. Scroll down to see McIver’s tweet with a still photo from “iZombie” Season 2 Episode 9. The iZombie cast is also in the tweets below.

Both “The Flash” Season 2 and “iZombie” Season 2 are superhero shows under The CW network. Both shows are from DC Comics, although the latter belongs to DC’s Vertigo imprint. Gustin’s Barry Allen became a speedster after being struck by lightning, while McIver’s Liv Moore became a crime-solving zombie after being infected in a boat party. What happens when a zombie eats a superhero brain?

“iZombie” Season 2 Episode 9 is titled “Cape Town.” In this fall finale episode, Liv Moore is expected to take the chasing after criminals to another level. The episode synopsis says Liv “becomes a little too much for Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) to handle.”

Incidentally, Liv and Ravi (Rahul Kohli) manage to save Clive from a serious career trouble in “iZombie” Season 2 Episode 8 (“The Hurt Stalker”). In this same episode, Liv gets really close to finding out that Major has been sleeping with her roommate Gilda a.k.a. Rita (Leanne Lapp). Rita's selfie in the previous episode is Liv's biggest piece of evidence about Major's lies. What else would she find out?

In “iZombie” Season 2 Episode 8, Liv and Major (Robert Buckley) face the challenge of dealing with a stalker’s brain. In an earlier episode, Major Lilywhite is beginning to see how difficult it is to grasp Liv’s changing personalities. In her superhero personality, would Liv discover that Peyton (Aly Michalka) was right about her new roommate’s shady vibe?

Meanwhile, there’s a storyline developing between Peyton and ex-zombie Blaine DeBeers (David Anders). Now that Peyton is back for a supposedly bigger part in “iZombie” Season 2, would she wind up in grave danger again?

For viewers who have missed a couple of episodes, Clive Babineaux has yet to find out the truth about Lieutenant Suzuki’s (Hiro Kanagawa) death. Clive hasn’t met Blaine yet, as of “iZombie” Season 2 Episode 8.

Here is a quick recap of some other developments in “iZombie” Season 2: One, viewers have yet to see a reconciliation between Liv and her family. Two, Vaughn Du Clark (Steven Weber) of the Max Rager company is about to introduce a new power drink that gives a scary level of super-strength.

Three, Major has Blaine’s father (Robert Knepper) together with all other zombies in a chest freezer. It is safe to assume Major has not killed any zombie, and Rita is unaware of his fake kills. Is he waiting for Ravi to come up with a real cure?

Four, FBI agent Dale Bozzio (Jessica Harmon) still has no idea that the suspect she wants to apprehend is Major Lilywhite. Five, drug lord Stacey Boss (Eddie Jemison) has taken the time to meet Peyton. Neither of them is aware that Blaine and Liv have inadvertently made their paths cross.

“iZombie” Season 2 Episode 9 was directed by Mairzee Almas and written by Diane Ruggiero-Wright.

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