Coronation Street
Street sign on Coronation Street Studio set, Manchester, England, Sept. 2000 Wikimedia Commons/Andrea_44

"Coronation Street" cast members, including Alison King (Carla), Catherine Tyldesley (Eva), Nicola Thorp (Nicola), Julia Goulding (Shona), Georgia Taylor (Toyah), David Neilson (Roy), Bhavna Limbachia (Rana), Faye Brookes (Kate), Rob Mallard (Daniel), Brooke Vincent (Sophie), Qasim Akhtar (Zeedan), Tisha Merry (Steph), Connor McIntyre (Phelan), Alan Halsall (Tyrone), Jack P. Shepherd (David), Chris Gascoyne (Peter), Dolly-Rose Campbell (Gemma), Lisa George (Beth), Paddy Wallace (Jude), Samia Longchambon (Maria), Victoria Ekanoye (Angie) and Ryan Clayton (Josh), will be featured in the episodes of the British soap opera this week. They will be part of several important scenes including Luke Britton's (Dean Fagan) funeral day, a charity boxing match and Carla collapsing on her way home.

Spoiler Alert! This article has 'Coronation Street' spoilers 2018. Read on if you want to know about the episodes that will air this week on ITV.

ITV and Digital Spy report that the episodes on Monday will show Eva going to the abortion clinic. Toyah will follow her there and try to convince her to change her mind. Meanwhile, Roy will ask Carla to tell her family that she's sick before it's too late. As for Nicola, she becomes suspicious of Phelan when he doesn't want to have a conversation about checking out the mill site with Eileen (Sue Cleaver). She'll also inform Gary that he should try to get a job at the mill site.

Rana tells Zeedan she loves someone else

On the "Corrie" episodes on Wednesday, Luke's friends will gather in the bistro to raise a toast in his honour. Rana will see Kate hanging out with Sophie and it will upset her. However, Kate will also talk to Rana and tell her that she hates seeing her and Zeedan together. Speaking of Zeedan, he will be shocked when Rana finally reveals that she has romantic feelings for someone else. Meanwhile, Phelan shows up at Luke's funeral and causes a commotion there. Steph will confront him and accuse him of blackmailing Andy (Oliver Farnworth).

'Corrie' residents prepare for the charity boxing match

On Friday, Shona, Tyrone, Maria, David, Angie, Gemma, Sophie and Jude will meet up with Josh to find out who they will be fighting in the charity boxing match. Elsewhere, Carla will invite herself to Daniel's flat and make a move on him. Meanwhile, Sinead will go to Daniel's place and tell him that she wants to try again with him. However, she'll see him kissing Carla on the doorstep. An upset Sinead will tell Beth about it, who will confront Daniel and Carla in The Rovers. An envious Peter will also overhear them. Click here to see photos of the scenes mentioned above.

'Coronation Street' episodes recap

The previous week showed the revelation of Anna's court verdict. Meanwhile, Audrey (Sue Nicholls) and Gail (Helen Worth) visited the lap dancing club where Bethany (Lucy Fallon) works at. Unfortunately, by doing so, they got Bethany fired from her job. Plus, Eva went to the hospital with Toyah to check if she's pregnant.

"Coronation St" airs in the UK's ITV channel on weekdays. Stay tuned for more "Corrie" spoilers in the next few weeks of 2018.