Coronation Street star Debbie Rush
sexy coronation street actress debbie rush who plays anna windass signing autographs for the fans Wikimedia Commons/stephen broadhurst

"Coronation Street" cast members, including Debbie Rush (Anna), Daniel Brocklebank (Billy), Sam Robertson (Adam), David Neilson (Roy), Harry Visinoni (Seb), Dolly-Rose Campbell (Gemma), George Banks (Henry), Simon Gregson (Steve), Catherine Tyldesley (Eva), Kate Ford (Tracy), Georgia Taylor (Toyah), Sue Nicholls (Audrey), Helen Worth (Gail) and Lucy Fallon (Bethany), will be among the UK soap's stars that will be featured this week. Watch out for several exciting scenes such as the revelation of Anna's verdict in court and Billy telling Adam about how his painkillers aren't working.

Spoiler Alert! This update contains 'Coronation Street' spoilers 2018. Read on if you want to know about the episodes that will air on ITV on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

According to Digital Spy and ITV, the "Corrie" episode on Monday will show the continuation of Anna's trial and Roy being called as one of the witnesses. He will tell the court that Anna actually slapped Seb in the café. However, he will also tell them about her good character. Meanwhile, Gemma will throw a surprise party at the Rovers for Henry with a Newton and Ridley theme.

Steve gives Tracy flowers on her birthday

On the episode on Wednesday, Steve will give Tracy some flowers for her birthday. Plus, he will also give her another surprise. However, not everyone will be impressed by this gesture. As for Eva, she will go to the hospital with Toyah. Eva is having trouble accepting the possibility that she might be a mum.

Gail and Audrey visit the lap dancing club

On Friday, Audrey and Gail will visit the lap dancing club that Bethany works at. Unfortunately, Bethany will be asked to work on her day-off to cover for another girl. Plus, Billy will hang out at the Rovers. He will see Adam and inform him that the painkillers he's currently taking aren't effective. Adam will offer to give him some stronger painkillers. Little does Billy know that it's all part of some elaborate ruse that Adam is planning. Click here and here to see photos of some of the aforementioned scenes.

'Corrie St' recap

Last week, Bethany told Craig (Colson Smith) that she actually enjoys being a lap dancer because it gives her some power over men. As for Phelan (Connor McIntyre), he was questioned by the police about the night of Luke's (Dean Fagan) death. Plus, Alya (Sair Khan) continued to mourn for Luke. She also unloaded her feelings on Zeedan (Qasim Akhtar). Elsewhere, Toyah felt jealous when she accidentally overheard Carla (Alison King) and Peter (Chris Gascoyne) taking a walk down memory lane.

"Coronation Street" episodes air regularly on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the UK. Stay tuned for more updates on "Corrie" spoilers as well as the interesting twists and turns in the lives of the people on The Cobbles.

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