Coronation Street star Lucy Fallon
"Coronation Street" star Lucy Fallon poses for a selfie on her Instagram account. Fallon plays the character Bethany Platt on ITV's "Corrie." lucyfallonx/Instagram

"Coronation Street" cast members, including Lucy Fallon (Bethany), Colson Smith (Craig), Sue Cleaver (Eileen), Debbie Rush (Anna), Connor McIntyre (Phelan), Harry Visinoni (Seb), Catherine Tyldesley (Eva), Sair Khan (Alya), Qasim Akhtar (Zeedan), Georgia Taylor (Toyah), Alison King (Carla) and Chris Gascoyne (Peter), will be featured in the episodes of the UK soap from Monday to Friday. It includes scenes that show Bethany telling Craig that she enjoys doing lap dances for a living. Plus, the police will ask Phelan about the day that Luke (Dean Fagan) died.

Spoiler Alert! This article has more 'Coronation Street' spoilers 2018. Read on if you want to know about the episodes of the soap opera this week.

ITV and Digital Spy report that on the "Corrie" episode on Monday, Eileen will be asked by Anna about Seb. This will make Eileen feel uneasy. Anna will also warn her to watch her back because Phelan may betray her in the future. As for Craig, he will be shocked when he finds out that Bethany actually likes working as a lap dancer. She will explain to him that it gives her some semblance of power over men. Unfortunately, Bethany will tell him that if he can't accept her job, they should just part ways.

Phelan is interrogated by the police

On Wednesday's episode of the British soap opera, Eva will visit the doctor and tell him that she suspects she's pregnant. She will request a scan so she'll know as soon as possible if her suspicions are correct. Meanwhile, Phelan will be questioned by the police on why he was alone at No. 11 on the day that Luke got shot.

Friday's episode will feature Alya mourning Luke's death. He'll talk to Zeedan about her feelings. Plus, Toyah will overhear Peter and Carla reminiscing about the past. She'll feel extremely jealous of it and decide it's high time she deals with her enemy head-on. However, it seems that Carla doesn't want to fight with her and will even try to keep things peaceful between them.

'Corrie Street' recap

The previous week showed Kate (Tracy Barlow) saying goodbye to the Nazirs as she prepared to leave for Devon. Meanwhile, Sinead (Katie McGlynn) and Chesney (Sam Aston) got ready for their wedding. Elsewhere, Phelan and Sean (Antony Cotton) found out that Luke has been killed. Plus, Simon (Alex Bain) stole from Leanne (Jane Danson), Eva and Toyah.

"Coronation Street" episodes air on ITV in the UK on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Stay tuned for more "Corrie" spoilers in the future.

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