Former WWE superstar CM Punk has once again made headlines, as the professional wrestler turned MMA fighter will be part of “UFC 2” for the PS4 and Xbox One. This has proven to be a controversial decision amongst fans, as the character has yet to debut in the Octagon.

An article from MMA Junkie confirmed the news, as it listed CM Punk as one of the many UFC fighters in the game’s roster. In fact, the game will have 250 UFC fighters, making it the largest MMA roster ever seen in a video game.

Game Zone has collected a number of tweets regarding “UFC 2” and CM Punk. As expected, the reaction has been mixed, with some excited to see the Straight Edge fighter in action, while others have told him to go back to the WWE.

The usual suspects like Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor are also in the game, so fans shouldn’t worry about the news too much. At the same time, Punk’s fans are probably happy to see him in a video game again.

Punk had been a mainstay in the WWE video games since “Smackdown vs Raw 2008.” His last WWE video game was last year’s “WWE 2K15,” with two different versions of the character available in the game.

It will be interesting to see Punk’s ranking in the game, considering how he has yet to debut in the octagon. He was usually one of the best characters in the WWE games, but he has yet to perform in the UFC. Either way, fans may expect more controversial comments from MMA purists.

CM Punk is slated to debut in the UFC sometime in 2016, though his opponent and fight date haven’t been revealed yet. In the meantime, the former WWE champion has been quite busy, as he’s currently co-writing Drax the Destroyer for Marvel Comics with Cullen Bunn.

“UFC 2” is slated for a spring 2016 release date and is being published by EA Sports. The game has been called a big improvement over last year’s game, with realistic character models and better gameplay that feels more satisfying.

EA SPORTS UFC 2 | Vision Trailer | Xbox One, PS4 (Credit: YouTube/EA Sports)

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