The outstanding television surge in ratings that World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) experienced last week was not to stay, as the numbers for Dec 21, 2015 show of RAW displayed a 15 % decrease of viewers from last week’s show.

WWE is seemingly disappointed with the numbers as the show on Dec 14, 2015 received 3.884 million viewers as compared to 3.378 million viewers this week, a decrease of around 500,000 viewers in one week.

The wrestling promotion, which is led by Vince Mcmahon, has drastically struggled to keep its viewers from watching their flagship show, RAW over the recent months. What is concerning is that Monday Night Football (MNF) drew in less number of viewers than they did last week, which shows that RAW failed to tap in those particular audience who gave MNF a skip.

If WWE wants to take out some positives from the situation, they can take heart from the fact that 3.378 million viewers this week is their best number for RAW (excluding last week) since the beginning of October.

The question on everyone’s mind is what made so many viewers turn up to watch RAW last week. The probable answer could be that many viewers who ceased to watch MNF last week may have turned their attention to WWE’s product. However, the theory seems to dilute this week as MNF received even lower viewers this Monday and RAW ratings have not increased.

The viewership surge last week may have been because of the return of Vince Mcmahon on television, followed by Roman Reigns character shift and Triple H’s return from Tables Ladders and Chairs (TLC) pay-per view. The RAW also had a main event featuring the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match. However, the drop in ratings this week shows that WWE has failed to intrigue its viewers stick with the product.

Via Showbuzz Daily, the figures for the Dec 21 show are stated below;

First Hour: 3.443 million viewers (4.043 million last week)

Second Hour: 3.374 million viewers (3.786 million last week)

Third Hour: 3.316 million viewers (3.825 million last week)

WWE’s RAW was the fourth most watched show on cable television on Monday, following Monday Night Football, Major Crimes and SportsCenter.

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