Civilization 6: 2K announced Australia makes debut into the game for the first time
Screenshot from "Civilization 6." 2K Games

There have been a lot of reports spreading which stated that Australia will be added as one of the new “civs” (civilization) in “Civilization 6.” Recently, these reports were addressed and confirmed by the game’s development team themselves.

2K Games has recently announced that “Civilization 6” will be debuting Australia as the newest addition to their game. Although in terms of advancement, Australia has the upper hand with its modern and youthful history in comparison with other civs like Indonesia or Thailand (Siam). But regardless, Australia was one of the most potential civs that was chosen to be added in the game according to the development team during their video reveal in YouTube.

The new civ will be under the leadership of John Curtis. Curtis was the 14th Prime Minister of Australia and was tasked to guide his country during World War 2. He has been chosen to represent his nation and help its people to survive and win against other civs.

Curtis’ leadership skill is called the Citadel of Civilization. This skill grants Australia bonus production at the start of a defensive war or whenever it liberates a city.

The Australia civ will have additional bonuses, which will be focusing around coastal tiles and farming. Its unique ability is called Land Down Under, which allows the nation to build extra housing along the coastal tiles.

It will also allow establishments such as campuses, commercial hubs, holy sites and theatre squares get additional yields. This will be made possible if these abovementioned establishments are built on tiles with charming or breathtaking appeal.

Australia’s unique unit is called the Diggers. This unit replaces the usual Infantry unit. The Diggers also get additional damage power on land tiles adjacent to water and when the unit fights outside their territories.

The unique tile improvement for this civ is called the Outback Station. This tile provides food and production and gives additional food to pastures adjacent to it. The tile can be upgraded using steam power and rapid deployment.

Furthermore, new pastures will trigger a culture bomb effect which will steal adjacent tiles from other civs and city-states. This chain will only occur when a pasture is built next to an existing Outback Station.

“Civilization 6” was developed by Firaxis Games and published by 2K Games. It is distributed by Take-Two Interactive for Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems, Linux and personal computer platforms.

There is still no concrete detail as to when the Australia civ will be released in the game or how much it would cost. For now, further details about the upcoming Aussie civ addition can be viewed through the Steam community website.