Chad Johnson
Chad Johnson apologises to Sarrah Heron on "After Paradise." Instagram/Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson, who was dubbed a villain in JoJo Fletcher’s season of “The Bachelorette,” was finally able to apologise for his eventual actions in “Bachelor In Paradise.” He blamed his mean-spirited comment of Sarah Herron on the alcohol he consumed.

On the debut episode of “Bachelor In Paradise” season 3, Johnson called Herron a “one armed b----.” Johnson kept hitting it below the belt during his confessional as well, where he continued to call her “Army McArmenson.” This was after Herron had approached him to call him out on his drunken behaviour.


Pack your bags for #Sarahdise! 3rd times a charm _____

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After the episode aired on ABC, Johnson took to Twitter to make his first apology.

And while he admitted that he never should have called her that, and that he was disappointed with himself, Herron was not willing to forgive him. Instead, she went on her own Twitter account, saying she was wrong to think Johnson was different.

Fortunately, Johnson had the opportunity to make another apology in person in “After Paradise.” He first explained that he was drunk at that point and was frustrated with everything that had happened that day. “To be honest, I drank a lot,” he confessed.

Before “Bachelor In Paradise” even aired, Johnson spoke with Entertainment Tonight. He fully admitted that he hardly remembered the events that took place.

But in addition to the alcohol, Johnson also had one other reason up his sleeve.

“What was not aired is literally, she followed me around the entire day telling me what I could and could not say. People crowd around, I talk to them and make jokes and all of a sudden, she's offended,” he shared.

Nevertheless, Herron was then given the chance to confront Johnson in person. She admitted how his comments hurt her and that watching "Bachelor In Paradise" made it even more painful. On his part, Johnson apologised again, which Herron gladly accepted this time. “I think that's what I wanted, to hear it face to face, in person.”