JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rogers are engaged but admit to some troubling times since the final rose

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JoJo Fletcher
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“The Bachelorette” JoJo Fletcher has chosen former NFL quarterback Jordan Rogers during the show's final rose ceremony, aired Monday in the US. While the two are happily engaged at this point, they admit to having difficulty adjusting to real life.

Rogers called Fletcher his bestfriend and soulmate and promised to protect her during the final episode. He said, “I’m going to wake up every morning and choose you over and over and over again until you tell me I can’t.” To this, Fletcher simply replied that she loved him and that she wanted Rogers to know this before he got down on one knee.

Fletcher, 25, and Rogers, 27, have noticeable chemistry from the fact, so much so that Fletcher gave the former NFL player her first impression rose on their debut episode. That chemistry has since grown into an actual relationship.

Since the final rose ceremony, the two have been living a relatively normal life away from the grandiose vacations and every-present cameras. And like most relationships, Fletcher and Rogers have since then had their shares of ups and downs.

As People Magazine notes, Fletcher admitted that the time since the final rose has been difficult. The backlash and criticism from viewers of the show have apparently overwhelmed her. She said it was a far cry from her her ideal situation -- an overwhelming amount of positivity at her getting engaged. It seems, however, that Rogers has been nothing but supportive as the two are moving to Dallas together.

Fletcher and Rogers already have a house waiting for them, and the two had plans to move in directly following “After The Final Rose.” The move puts the couple physically closer to Fletcher’s family. However, the reality star has been getting well acquainted with her future in-laws as well. In fact, she admitted that Roger’s mother has been forwarding venue ideas for the wedding.

The couple is looking at a 2017 wedding date despite Fletcher’s quips for a quick run to Las Vegas. She did, however, quickly confirm they would be carefully planning their big day.