The Bachelor In Paradise
The Bachelor In Paradise - The Ferguson Twins with Nick Viall Instagram/Haley Ferguson

The “Bachelor In Paradise” season 3 has just started but there is already plenty of drama surrounding its characters. In particular scrutiny are the returning “professional twins,” Emily and Haley Ferguson, and their relationship with Nick Viall.

Emily and Haley Ferguson, who were both in Ben Higgin’s season of “The Bachelor,” recently spoke with Glamour to discuss finding love in the series, their ideal bachelors and their real relationship with Nick.

Both Emily and Haley admitted that their title as “twins” is very important to them, despite having had to battle over one man. However, the two were quick to separate themselves as individuals as well. Haley shared that Emily is relatively more outgoing, while she is definitely more reserved and introverted.

Their internal differences was made quite evident in their choice of men. When asked who each of the twins would date in JoJo Fletcher’s season of “The Bachelorette,” the two could not agree. Emily admitted that she liked James Taylor initially before including Chase Mcnary in the mix. On the other hand, Haley preferred Derek Peth before she started to lean towards Luke Pell as the show went on.

If there was one man the two Ferguson twins could agree on, it would have to be Nick. The three individuals came across each other on the “Bachelor In Paradise.”

“I had this image of him… that he was this tool, and I wasn’t really interested in getting to know him,” Haley said on her first impressions. Needless to say, the two have since changed their opinions, but not in the romantic sense. “Haley and I can go on for days about Nick… [but] he was more of like a brother,” Emily shared.

Nick, on the other hand, recently had an interview with Sarah Herron with KTLA, where he discussed finding love on reality TV.

“It all depends how you approach it,” he said. He then explained that some contestants come with the best intentions, which worked at times. However, he also admitted that going on a show like the “Bachelor In Paradise” is definitely not the only option to find love and that doing so may come from ulterior motives.