The Witcher: Blood And Wine
"The Witcher: Blood And Wine," by CD Projekt Red Facebook/CD Projekt Red

“The Witcher 3: Blood And Wine” is the most recent installment in the successful franchise from CD Projekt Red. And even though it was released some time ago, the game developer is saying players have still missed out on some of its secrets.

In an interview with Eurogamer, CD Projekt Red has confirmed that the game still has unearthed secrets. However, the game developer refused to say anything other than not everything has been found.

After some detective work, the publication discovered these two secrets. The first, dubbed “The Lost Engagement Ring,” is really just a side quest. However, players will not attain any extra benefits from completing the same. There is no excess XP, loot or even a movie clip. Players truly just get the satisfaction of another completed “The Witcher 3” sideline story and a grateful woman.

The woman, whom players can find crying near a waterfall, is adamant about finding her engagement ring that she has lost. The item can be found when players follow the stream following the waterfall.

Meanwhile, the second secret is more of an Easter egg. The very unique-looking leopard, which is a reference to Mike Tyson and the tigers he used to keep, can be found when players first encounter Detlaff. Proceeding to the middle portion of the palace gardens after the encounter will trigger seeing the leopard tamer and the leopard.

While these secrets are not necessarily exciting for most players, “The Witcher” series is so popular that Poland has issued stamps in celebration of the same.

The game, which originated from Poland and correspondingly inspired by a series of native novels, is well beloved. The game, of course, features Geralt of Rivia, the franchise’s main character. It is being circulated by Poczta Polska, the country’s largest postal operator. According to CD Projekt Red, a total of 180,000 limited edition stamps have begun circulation since Sept. 16.