The Witcher 3
"The Witcher 3" Blood and Wine expansion is coming on May 31. CD Projekt Red

Xbox One fans were able to get “The Witcher 3” Blood and Wine DLC a little earlier. While the expansion was supposedly available via predownload for all platforms, it was accessible earlier for Xbox players the moment it was downloaded and installed.

It’s not surprising that fans may have already wanted to start with the expansion, seeing as how the additional 25 hours are well-presented to explore the new additional land.

For fans who are wondering just how big Touissant is, IGN has a comparison illustration of just how big the additional landmass for Blood and Wine is in relation to the biggest land in “The Witcher 3.”

Seen in the link above Touissant is said to compare to No Man’s Land when it comes to size. Interestingly, beyond the size of the new land alone, it is also densely populated, even more so than Velen, so that gives more depth to what the players can find and do with “The Witcher 3” Blood and Wine DLC.

“The Witcher 3” players can also access the new patch released for the game. Weighing at somewhere between 2.6 to 2.8GB for the PS4, Xbox One and Steam, the patch 1.2 brings in new features and tweaks, Eurogamer reported.

There will now be a new book called “A Miraculous Guide to Gwent,” which is supposed to display the number of gwent cards that a player is still missing at this point in the game. There will also be some pointers to help in obtaining them, which is a good helping hand for those who are still missing the Collect ‘Em All achievement.

In line with this achievement, this particular quest will now be marked as failed if the player is unable to collect Milva, Vampire Bruxa and Dandelion gwent cards at the gwent tournament for A Matter of Life and Death quest.

There are several improvements, including the character development panel visuals, the inventory categories, displays for buffs and the player statistics panel. Finally, the update also fixes a whole lot of issues in the game as well as the Hearts of Stone expansion.

The full list of improvements and additions can be seen in the link above. It’s quite the long list, and it more than makes good use of the 2GB worth of space required for the update.