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Virtual reality in gaming has become a sort of next step for companies. The most known of these devices include the Oculus Rift and the PlayStation VR.

If a new report is the to be believed, it’s possible that Microsoft is planning its own VR device for the Xbox One. According to Gamerant, the E3 official website may actually have given some hints as to what Microsoft may be planning to announce at the event.

In the Virtual Reality section, the source spotted that Xbox is already a choice among the categories under the virtual reality section. Already, there are some companies and developers tagged to the Xbox One heading for virtual reality. Some of these are Maximum Games, Rebellion, Readily Information and 3DRudder.

Whether or not any of these four developers is the source that Ars Technica got in touch with remains to be seen. Previously, Ars has supposedly confirmed with an anonymous developer that it is developing a VR game for the Xbox One, set to come out in 2017.

The information had supposedly been obtained straight from the developer and corroborated by a PR rep. What’s even more interesting is that the VR game allegedly in development is connected to a game that has been set in a long-standing universe.

The game is not even an exclusive to the Xbox One. The developer is looking to release the game on both the PS4 and PC platforms as well. As far as timelines go, E3 2016 is looking as a demo event on which that VR title will be showcased.

Microsoft has not given any indications that it is planning a VR device for its Xbox One. However, even after talks of no upgrades to the Xbox One being done, there have been reports that a more powerful Xbox One Scorpio is in the works.

This may not necessarily be a surprising move. Between its PlayStation VR and growing evidence of a more powerful PS4 Neo in the works, this may be Microsoft’s way of keeping up with competition.

For now, the company is not giving any statements regarding the rumours leading towards E3 2016. But with E3 2016 almost here, hopefully the gaming event will hold some surprises that the audience can appreciate.