Actor Nathan Fillion, from the drama series "Castle," arrives at the 42nd American Music Awards
Actor Nathan Fillion, from the drama series "Castle," arrives at the 42nd American Music Awards in Los Angeles, California November 23, 2014. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

"Castle" Season 7 is returning on Jan. 12, with episode 11. The upcoming episode will see the beginning of a new kind of conflict between Rick Castle and Kate Beckett in the professional arena. The first season saw Castle becoming an integral part of NYPD's 12th precinct. In the mid-season finale of "Castle" Season 7, Castle was booted out from 12th precinct because of his friendship with mob-boss Dino Scarpella. The new episode, which is titled "Castle P.I.," will see the best-selling writer working hard to get his private investigator license so that he can continue solving murder cases with Beckett. He will fail to achieve his objective, though he can investigate the same cases that his wife Beckett is investigating as an NYPD homicide detective.

As previously reported, Castle will get his private investigator license. According to the synopsis of the episode, after obtaining the license he "shows up unannounced at Beckett's crime scene, hoping to investigate alongside her as a private eye. But things don't go as Castle had planned."

The new episode will pick up a couple of months after Castle's termination from 12th precinct. He pops up when it looks like Beckett and her 12th precinct colleagues have adjusted to Castle's absence. According to Spoiler TV's preview of the upcoming episode, Castle arrives at a crime scene, unannounced, and tells Beckett and co that he can now legally investigate the case, as he has a private investigator license.

Beckett is investigating the murder of a "woman who works at the admission office of a prestigious theater pre-school." As Castle is still banned from working with Beckett, Castle works solo to find the culprit. Spoiler TV reveals that "as the episode proceeds, the game of who can solve the case first ensues between Castle and Beckett."

Sidney Perlmutter will be making an appearance in episode 11. The spoiler report suggests that he will be happy to know that Castle is no longer working at 12th precinct. The new private investigator, who is going to act more like a novice than a professional, will sneak in Perlmutter's office to check the victim's autopsy report, according to Spoiler TV.

The spoiler report hints that at the end of the episode Beckett has a present for Castle. Also, "Castle P.I." features an awkward telephone conversation between Castle and Beckett, the Spoiler TV reveals.

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