Workers set up a giant cardboard cutout of Captain America
Workers set up a giant cardboard cutout of Captain America during the annual Association of Producers and Exporters of Nicaragua (APEN) fair in Managua September 26, 2014. The cutout was placed to promote paperboard packaging products. Reuters/Oswaldo Rivas

"Captain America: Civil War" is all set to make the superheroes of Earth choose sides. The two opposing sides will be led by Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, respectively. Each faction fights dearly to uphold the ideals it believes in. Here is a look at who could win this war, based on the comic books. [Warning: Spoilers Alert!]

The events of the upcoming movie "Avengers: Age of Ultron" will lead to a realisation by the governments across the globe that the superhero activity cannot be left unmonitored. The villain in the movie is a creation of the superhero Tony Stark. This will lead to the governments coming up with a law to regulate superhero activity.

The new government law that seeks to reveal the true identity of all superheroes and regulate their activity will lead to a clash in "Captain America: Civil War." According to the comic books by Marvel, Tony Stark will emerge as the champion who supports the new law, while Steve Rogers opposes it.

Fans of the franchise who have watched the first "Avengers" movie will remember that the two characters have had an uneasy alliance. The movie showed that Steve Rogers considered Tony Stark as a man who fights for himself, while Tony thought of Steve as a lab experiment rather than a hero. Steve repeatedly asked Tony to suit up and fight in the movie.

The one question that many of the fans may be asking is who will win the fight between the two superheroes in "Captain America: Civil War." According to a report by MoviePilot, in the comic books, Steve Rogers will eventually surrender himself to S.H.I.E.L.D and get assassinated during his trial.

Although Iron Man will emerge victorious, the real winner in "Captain America: Civil War" is said to be Steve Rogers for taking a moral high ground. Tony Stark will reportedly confess in a follow-up comic book that the war with his former ally over a government law was not worth it. The character is said to be grief-stricken after the death of Steve Rogers. Marvel has so far not announced any new solo movies of either character after the 2016 movie.

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