The directors of “Captain America: Civil War” talked about their approach to the movie in a recent interview. The directors revealed that unlike the previous movies, where Steve Rogers was the main focus, the new movie will be told from the perspective of different superheroes.

In a recent interview with Comic Book, the Russo brothers revealed that they both loved “ensemble storytelling.” They said that they were “in tune” to the idea of making a movie in which there is more than one protagonist.

“We like depth storytelling. We like layered storytelling. Joe and I, as we were developing the script with the writers, we like to pick a path and look at the script from every different character's point of view,” the directors said.

The forthcoming movie will have a large number of superheroes appearing in two opposing factions. Each faction is led by Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) and Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) respectively. The two superheroes will have a difference of opinion on a new legislation being proposed by governments across the globe to regulate superhero activity.

The different superheroes in “Captain America: Civil War” will choose sides in the fight, based on their personal relationships and motivations. Hence, it becomes important to showcase how each superhero is affected by the new legislation and the consequent war among superheroes.

So, even though Steve Rogers remains the main character in the movie, the directors have also focused on the perspective of the other superheroes. “ We do take time and walk ourselves through the story from every single character's point of view as if it’s their movie,” the directors said.

The directors pointed out that even though some of the superheroes may only appear very briefly in “Captain America: Civil War” they may be a beloved character for some people in the audience. The directors said that they are mindful of this fact and that they have tried to make sure that everyone who comes to the theater gets “a lot of satisfaction” and has “a lot of fun.”