Chris Evans
Actor Chris Evans arrives at the European premiere of "Captain America, Civil War" at a shopping centre in east London, Britain April 26, 2016. Reuters/Toby Melville

Hayley Atwell has expressed her displeasure with Steve Rogers for the way he acted in “Captain America: Civil War.” The actress was speaking at the Dallas Comic Con Fan Expo, where she was asked about her character Agent Carter’s former love interest.

[Spoiler alert]

The onscreen romance of Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) and Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp) has made Atwell (Agent Carter) uncomfortable. Talking about the kiss scene involving Steve and Sharon, she said that it crossed “incestuous boundaries,” IGN reports.

Sharon is Agent Carter’s niece. Atwell said that Sharon kissing a man that her great aunt once dated, and that too right after the death of the old lady is “disrespectful.” She said her character would be “turning over in her grave.”

Atwell also took a dig at the recent twist in the Marvel comics, which shows that Steve has always been an agent for the villainous organisation known as Hydra. The actress said that her character would want what’s best for her niece, and now with this Hydra connection she is not sure if Steve is good enough for Sharon.

“Captain America: Civil War” featured a funeral scene of Agent Carter, in which Sharon gave an inspiring speech. Sharon and Steve share a kiss after the funeral scene. So, the death appears to have brought the two characters together, with the possibility of future movies exploring their romantic relationship.

Meanwhile Atwell has been pushing for another season of her TV series “Agent Carter.” The show has run for two seasons on ABC, but was cancelled soon after. Peggy is the protagonist of the show. The TV series takes the viewers back in time to 1940s.

There have been multiple references to Captain America in the “Agent Carter” TV series. At the moment the futures of both the characters are uncertain. While Peggy’s show is yet to find a new home for Season 3, Evans has still not been confirmed to appear in the next “Avengers” movie.