Actress Cameron Diaz Poses for Photographers as She Arrives for the UK Gala Screening of 'The Other Woman' in London
In the 90's Cameroon Diaz used to smoke 20 cigarettes a day but is extremely health conscious now and has said goodbye to her old habit. She said that her conscience and the feeling of guilt compelled her to quit. REUTERS

Cameron Diaz is finally off the market thanks to Good Charlotte rocker Benji Madden. The pair got married in a quick 15-minute ceremony on Jan.5 and now that Cameron has taken the big leap into marital bliss, speculations have come out about the possibility of having children. Cameron has had an evolving opinion about marriage over the years and now that she has finally gotten hitched, E Online has compiled a look back at some of her insights on the pros and cons of marriage and motherhood.

Way back in 2009, Cameron told Cosmopolitan Magazine that she thinks it should be OK for women to say that they don't want to have children. As for herself, she only said that she would never say never and even joked that she could end up being the next "octomom."

Back in 2010, Cameron made a small prediction on how her wedding will go. She said that she can't see herself having a big and extravagant wedding and even stated that she will probably just call people 20 minutes before the event. Although her wedding, held earlier this week, was indeed a simple affair, but many of the couple's close friends were in attendance.

While Cameron believes in true love, she told Stylist back in 2010 that she thinks it's a misconception that people should find The One and stay with them for the rest of their lives. She that that if people were freaked out by the thought of sleeping with the same person for 0 or 30 years, then these people should simply not get married.

In 2012, Cameron told Chelsea Handler in an interview in the latter's talk show that she does want to have a family, eventually. She said that she is open to it even if it comes through adoption or some way. In the same year, Cameron told Harper's Bazaar that she will be overjoyed to some day have a child if it happens but she won't be sitting around feeling empty waiting for it to happen.

Last April, Cameron told The Telegraph once again that she has never said never to having a child but instead, she simply has not had one. She said that if she wanted one she knows she can have one even if it meant adopting. However, in August 2014, she told Esquire that she feels motherhood is a lot of work. It is about being responsible for other lives besides one's own and it is something that she was never drawn to.