Call of Duty Infinite Warfare
"Call of Duty Infinite Warfare" will launch on Nov 4. Infinity Ward

Infinity Ward’s “Call of Duty Infinite Warfare” had a rough start with its reveal trailer. However, it is shaping up to be one of the hyped titles, if its E3 2016 previews are anything to go by.

At the gaming event, Infinity Ward showed off a demo of the game, and it seems that this contained a couple of notable features. According to Venture Beat, the demo shows off a couple of new mechanics, such as take off to space, aerial dogfights, grappling hook uses and a return to land for a more familiar territory.

Additionally, Infinity Ward’s Chad Findley and Jacob Minkoff shared a few points on the battles and missions in “Call of Duty Infinite Warfare.” Findley stated that the game goes all over the place on both land and in space. This is because the goal was to deliver the main story, which requires the player to go everywhere, from earth and even to the planets and moons.

Apart from the storyline, there are also side missions that involve fights on the ships. Interestingly, the side missions are not just a separate entity from the narrative.

“There’s more world building, too. Some of the missions are more stealthy, where you’ll go behind enemy lines and hear their commanders talking about their plans. Side missions involve spending more time with your crew as well. It fleshes out the story and the characters while also providing mechanical rewards,” said Minkoff.

These rewards refer to some more weapons and upgrades for both equipment and cosmetic level. There will also be some intel on the enemy, which can help in more missions.

Even though “Call of Duty Infinite Warfare” deviated from what most fans have been clamoring for, it appears that its preference for futuristic space setting is also seeing some good traction among fans. The developer shared some of the weaponry that will be available to players.

The advantage of the space setting is the ability to extend different weapons and gadgets that have their respective interesting purpose on the battlefield. For instance, there is the double-edged weapon seeker grenade, which tracks enemies when exploded but which can also be used on the original user, Gamingbolt reported.

There’s also a new kind of shotgun, which is able to track the different points of the opponents. More interesting is the ability to hack robots that are inside another vehicle. This suggests a different approach to strategic play beyond guns a-blazing.

“Call of Duty Infinite Warfare” will be released on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. It will arrive later this year on Nov. 4.