"The Survivors' Book of Secrets" is out for "Minecraft" fans. Mojang

The free update for “Minecraft” console editions, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita and Wii U has already landed. With it comes the Battle mini game.

Battle is reportedly the first of many mini games slated for the console edition of the game. It will feature a last-man-standing death match, where resources and weapons are up for grabs in perilous arenas.

“We’ve designed it specifically for consoles in mind—it’s super accessible and fast-paced, made to support couch-based competition just as easily as online matchmaking,” said the developer. There will be no crafting, and players can even loot inventories and easily equip armour.

While the mini game is essentially free, additional maps packs will be released later on. However, these will then cost US$2.99 (approx. AU$4) each.

The mini game coincides with the availability of “Minecraft Wii U Edition” as a physical retail release. According to Venture Beat, the boxed version has content that can be downloaded for digital version, such as the Super Mario Mash-up Pack. It will also have two “Battle & Beasts” skin packs, texture packs and the Festive Mash-up for US$30 (approx. AU$40).

Mojang has also confirmed the release of “The Survivors’ Book of Secrets,” which is basically a handy guide to help starter players or even seasoned veterans of the game. This is because the book features secrets and tips from those who have been playing “Minecraft” for the longest time.

“Our book contains the amassed wisdom of an underground group of ‘Minecraft’ experts who have been around since the days of the Alpha—and you’d be a fool to wander into the wide world without its tips tucked under your arm,” said the developer in the official blog.

Among the things that can be found in the book are strategies for plans and inventions, home fronts discussing bases and defence, attacks for hand-to-hand and stalking enemies and also some secrets for Nether and End. A sample of the book can be seen in the image above.