The Division
"The Division" will bring three new outfits with the latest update. Ubisoft

“The Division” is coming getting an update next week on June 28. But more than the anticipated Underground DLC, there is also the 1.3 update that will be available for everyone.

The update will target improvements for the weapons and difficulty level, as well as roll out rebalances and bug fixes to improve the way the game is played. Over at the official “The Division” website, the developer gave the full details on what players can expect with the 1.3 update.

Among the biggest changes would be the introduction of the Heroic Mode, as it delivers level 35 enemies, as well as missions like the Hudson Yard and Queen’s Tunnel. It will also change up the missions experienced in Challenge Mode, as Heroic Mode will be available for these. Incursions Falcon Lost and Clear Sky will also get the Heroic difficulty.

All of the weapon archetypes will also receive bonuses in the new update. The changes, such as additional PvE oriented bonus for the Assault Rifles and Shotguns are still not permanent, depending on whether the developer feels that they should be changed.

Additionally, there will be new weapons, such as the introduction of the G36 Assault Rifle, PP-19 SMG, SVD DMR, M700 DMR, AA-12 Shotgun and the B.L.I.N.D. System Battle Rifle. There will also be new weapon talents, such as the Distracted talent, which increases damage by 100 percent against blind/deaf targets. The Decisive talent allows the next shot to become an automatic critical hit wen a target is killed. Finally, Focused increases weapon damage when no skills are on cooldown.

Finally, there will be new outfits, which are part of the 30th anniversary for Ubisoft. These can be seen in the image above.

As an update, one “The Division Community Manager has given a statement over the official Ubisoft forums. It is a minor note on the upcoming weapons and the balancing that the developer has scheduled for the game.

“In putting together patch notes, it’s become clear that there are specific changes coming to the weapons that will impact some existing weapons. Some of the changes will only apply to weapons dropped after the update. There will be more information about this on Thursday in the State of the Game, but it might be worth holding on to those crafting materials for now,” said the Community Manager.