Cage With Female Dutch Tourist Gets Stuck In Australia’s Crocosaurus Cove While 2 Reptiles Lurk Below

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Crocosaurus Cove
(IN PHOTO) A tourist dives in a cage partially immersed in a crocodile pen in Crocosaurus Cove in Darwin August 28, 2008. Swimming face-to-face with a massive saltwater crocodile might not be everyone's idea of fun but thrill-seekers are snapping up northern Australia's newest tourist attraction. Picture taken on August 28, 2008. Reuters

Cynthia Spaan, a female Dutch tourist, got the scare of her life on Monday when the persplex cylinder she was in got stuck while two crocodiles were lurking below her. Spaan was at the Crococaurus Cove's Cage of Death in Darwin, Australia.

The cage is one of the cove’s popular tourist attractions in which a spectator is lowered into a pit with hungry reptiles below them. Unfortunately for Spaan, the cage was left hanging for 30 minutes. Underneath her cage were the hungry crocs named after Brit royal couple, William and Kate, reports ABC.

Spaan initially found the incident funny because she really wanted to do the cage dive. But after five minutes of being trapped, she started to freak out as she was claustrophobic. To free her, the operators of the cove used power tools to remove the cage’s cylinder top cover. Then Spaan was given a ladder to use for climbing out of the cage which had become a trap.

She was inside the cylinder for 30 minutes when normally, tourists stay inside the cage for only 15 minutes while enjoying a 360-degree view of the hungry crocs below. To make the crocodiles move whenever a tourist is inside the cage, the reptiles are fed.

In 2011, the cable of the cage broke, sending the two people inside the cylinder to the crocodile pool’s bottom. But the two tourists were pulled up to safety and the park’s manager said the incident was a minor accident.

Unfortunately for the cove, Stteven Schubert, an Australian TV producer, was also in the tourist destination when the incident happened. Schubert caught on video the terror on Spaan’s face and he tweeted the images, reports Metro.

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