Bull star Michael Weatherly RTS17JPA
Actor Michael Weatherly from the TV series " Bull " attends the 57th Monte-Carlo Television Festival in Monaco, June 18, 2017. Reuters/Eric Gaillard

There will be new and exciting cases to explore in “Bull” season 3. In a recent interview Executive Producer Glenn Gordon Caron teased details about the show. Jason (Michael Weatherly) will be alive and well after suffering that major heart attack.

In an interview with TV Insider, Caron said that there will be a time jump in the next season, and the show will not pick up right from that scene of heart attack from the finale episode. The three month time jump also means that the fans don’t have to see what happens with Jason at the hospital immediately after the heart attack, or the recovery period.

Jason already appeared to be changing on the show, which was reflected in the way he was appreciating the efforts of his team. Will this near death moment change his personality further? Caron was tight lipped about the potential changes in the character, but said that he would be interested to know how the heart attack will change Jason, if it changes him at all.

One particular scene in the finale may have piqued the interest of the fans. While examining the personality of the psychopath, Jason’s team, and the audience, recognised that Jason shares many of these same personality traits. Caron has confirmed that Jason is not a psychopath. The producer explained that all geniuses come with their personal baggage. The extraordinary abilities of the genius in one area means that he/she has deficits in others, and this is what Jason is dealing with.

On the personal life of Jason, he still has feelings for his ex-wife. Will the two characters get back together? Caron teased that anything is possible. Apart from the main storyline, the one character that the fans can look forward to seeing getting a bigger role is Danny (Jaime Lee Kirchner). The producer feels that they haven’t really explored this character well on the show, and they may do that in “Bull” season 3.