'The 100'
A poster of "The 100" TV series. The 100/ Facebook

“The 100” season 5 episode 4 will take the viewers back to the bunker. A preview video of the next episode shows the new life of Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) as the Red Queen, presiding over the post apocalyptic gladiatorial games that she started a while back.

Things have descended into brutal fight for survival in the bunker. Only the guilty are supposed to fight in the arena, which is used as a way to deliver justice and at the same time maintain the balance.

The preview video of the next episode [see below] shows Marcus Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) disagreeing with the way Octavia is running things. He believes that the rationale for the gladiatorial games are excuses that they are telling themselves to relive themselves of the guilt of what they have become and what they are doing.

Marcus will come to a decision in the next episode, after he no longer has the will to be a part of the blood games. The fans will get to see plenty of action as Octavia will once again wield the sword to fight in the arena.

While the major portion of the plot will focus on the bunker, the fans may also get to see what’s happening with Clarke (Eliza Taylor), as well as the remaining team members from the Ark.

Bellamy (Bob Morley) was last seen trying to negotiate with the leader of the newly arrived prisoners at Eden. As leverage, he holds in his hands the lives of the other prisoners still in cryosleep in space. It remains to be seen just how effective this leverage is, and how the prisoners will react to this offer.

Meanwhile, there may be some tension in space. Murphy (Richard Harmon) and Raven (Lindsey Morgan) stayed behind at the prisoners’ space ship, with no way of getting back down to earth.

Credit: The CW Television Network/ YouTube