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Actor Michael Weatherly from the TV series " Bull " attends the 57th Monte-Carlo Television Festival in Monaco, June 18, 2017. Reuters/Eric Gaillard

There will be an exciting end for the murder trial in “Bull” season 2 episode 22. A preview video of the finale episode shows some intense moments, and the plot teases a surprising twist.

A preview video of the next episode posted on YouTube shows Jason (Michael Weatherly) apologising to Elliot (Frank De Julio), the mute accused who is facing the trial for murder and rape. Why is there a need for an apology? The plot of the episode has the answer to that.

According to the episode synopsis, the jury will find Elliot guilty as charged. The team will later start preparing for the next phase of the trial, in which the team has to try and convince the jury not to pronounce the death sentence.

Jason chose the jury in such a way that they could argue against finding Elliot guilty. Now that they will be past that, will the team question Jason’s judgement? The jury right now seems poised to giving the death sentence, but there will be another twist in this tale.

The preview shows Jason finding out who the real killer is. Elliot had said that he bought the stolen SUV for $600 (About AU$790) cash, with no paper work to prove the transaction. The killer will come into picture only after the jury arrives at a verdict.

Jason’s problem will be to find a way to introduce new evidence into court without being found guilty of contempt of court. The evidence that he has appears to be footage from the court that shows a man with a limp.

Meanwhile, the other storyline is Marissa (Geneva Carr) finding out some hard truths about her relationship with Jason. All the drama and suspense makes for an exciting end of the season.

A behind-the-scenes video showing the filming of the finale episode has also been released online [see below].

Credit: Bull/ Facebook