Brooklyn Beckham breaks collarbone while filming himself on the slopes
Photo of Brooklyn Beckham during their family trip before the accident happened from David Beckham's Instagram account. Instagram/davidbeckham

During a family trip of the famous Beckham family, their eldest son Brooklyn Beckham suffered an accident that led him to breaking his left collarbone. The injury was inflicted due to a skating mishap that the teenager did in one of his snowboarding runs.

The 17-year-old son of famous “Spice Girls” member Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham and football player David Beckham suffered a broken bone injury during their family trip. This was located at Whistler in British Columbia.

The Beckham teen was being filmed while gliding down the snowy slopes a few minutes before the accident occurred. At the beginning part of the move, Brooklyn seemed to have a natural skill in manoeuvring his snowboard and looked like he is in total control of the situation.

But at the latter part of the video the young lad loses his balance after a big jump stunt that caused him to fall down hard. The teen posted the video with a caption “Broke my collarbone at the end” on his Instagram account.

Currently, the post has been viewed for more than 900,000 times in just a span of three days. Almost a total of 3,000 comments from Brooklyn’s fans have expressed their worries regarding the accident. At the same time, people also gave praises on how talented the teen is with his snowboarding skills.

After being rushed to the hospital, an X-ray procedure was done to Brooklyn to finally confirmed his broken collarbone. The teen also took a shot of his X-ray plate and once again posted it on his Instagram account. The post once again received a massive amount of 191,000 likes and 2,500 comments in just three days.

It looks like posting events on Instagram is a family trademark for the Beckhams. Apart from Brooklyn posting his video and X-ray plate on social media, his father, David Beckham, also went to Instagram to post what happened to his son.

The football player posted a picture of his son just a few minutes before he made his dangerous downslope ride. The photo had a caption which states “Just before his accident...Brave boy xx sorry ( man )” was posted on David’s Instagram account.

Once again, the post garnered a total of almost 400,000 likes and 600 comments. Fans of the Beckham family once again showed their concern for the lad and hoped that the injury would heal as soon as possible. Even though Brooklyn Beckham has suffered a broken bone injury, the family still managed to push through and still enjoyed their holiday trip.


Just before his accident ... Brave boy xx sorry ( man )

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Broke my collarbone at the end

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