Sudden death of "Uptown Girls" Actress Brittany Murphy in 2009 left everyone shocked. According to the latest lab reports, the cause of death may not be natural but brought by poisoning. Such claim has been stressed by the actress' estranged father Monday, Oct. 17, in the light of new toxicology reports wherein evidence of rat poison has been stated.

Murphy died at 32 and was reported to have acquired pneumonia and severe anemia when she passed away. Shockingly, 5 months later Simon Monjack, the actress' husband, 40, also died from the same disease.

The latest lab reports claimed the presence of high levels of toxic metals found in the hair of Murphy. This included the presence of barium, a toxic metal used in some rat poisons.

In early in 2011, Murphy's mother claimed that the cause of death of the couple was "toxic mold" found in their home. Later, the actress' father sued Los Angeles Police Department and the coroner claiming that the investigation of his daughter's death was bungled by the officials.

Subsequently, he won the right to have an analysis done by an independent company. He ordered The Carlson Co. to test Brittany's hair, blood and tissues which found presence of high levels of 10 toxic heavy metals in her system. The reports denied the possibility of accidental exposure to these deadly poisons instead they indicated that these could possibly be intentionally given to her.

"I am hopeful these new forensic revelations will compel the authorities to open a new investigation as a court of global public opinion awaits the truth as to who was responsible for their untimely deaths," Angelo Bertolotti, father of the actress, said in a statement to CBS-TV Channel 2.

The claims about poisoning as tested by The Carlson Co. were published by

"I have a feeling that there was a definite murder situation here, It's poison, yes, I know that," told Bertolotti to Good Morning America.

The Los Angeles County's coroner reported they have not yet received any results. "Her father has not contacted us or provided us any of that information to review," reported Ed Winter from The Los Angeles County.

Though the case was closed permanently in May, but Bertolloti is hoping the case to reopen based on these new findings.