A Brief History of the People's Choice Awards

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 A yearly celebration aired on CBS to pay tribute to achievements earned in the entertainment industry, the People's Choice Awards started way back 1975.

During the first year of celebrating People's Choice Awards, declared winners include Barbara Streisand (Favorite Film Actress), John Wayne (Favorite Film Actor), and The Sting (Favorite Picture).

It was Bob Stivers who founded this award-giving show, which was acquired by Proctor & Gamble in 1982. Since then, variations were developed including Fox's Teen Choice Awards and Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Award.

The process of nominating and voting winners has been slowly improved since the establishment of the show in the recent years.  Award winners were declared through Gallup polls wherein actresses, actors, television artists, films, TV shows, and other members were being surveyed.

While specific lists of nominations were finalized, the public can choose and vote whoever or whatever they think deserves every award without any limitation.  Results of the yearly survey will then be analyzed and assessed to decide for the winners of People's Choice Awards.

In most cases, there's a huge margin of error discovered with polls. However, with Adobe 9A0 - 058 practice test, the evaluation of surveys became clearer and easier to understand.

In 2005, a new voting method was established. Nominees were determined by the production team of the show, Entertainment Weekly editors, including a panel of popular culture supporters taken from the general public.

After finding out the nominees, voters were then allowed to submit their votes via the Internet.

This voting system was further improved for the following year.  An online research firm, Knowledge Networks, assisted the show's voting process.  The company is making use of phone recruitment strategy wherein a certain sample of men and women with ages 18 to 54 was compiled to develop a list of prospective winners.

From 2010 to 2011, more enhancements were made to the voting system as the use of various media research companies was applied.

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