Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Jul 14, 2014; New York, NY, USA; Floyd Mayweather Jr. reacts during press conference at Times Square. Reuters

The woman who caused unbeaten American boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr and T.I. to engage in a brawl at a Fat Burger joint in May finally broke her silence on Monday over suspicions that she went to bed with Mayweather.

Tameka Harris, more known as Tiny, told Dish Nation, "He's never been in a room with me by his self. Anytime he's been around me, it's been people like this. So I couldn't imagine him saying, 'Yeah, I did that!'"

The rumour was sparked by a response of Mayweather during a press conference to promote his rematch with Argentinean boxer Marcos Maidana to a question about Tiny, wherein he was quoted as saying, "What about the bi**h? I was f**ing his bitch."


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Mayweather eventually denied he there is a sexual relationship between him and Tiny.

Even prior to the rumours of a relationship between Tiny and Mayweather coming out, her marriage to T.I. has actually been shaky over reports of the Atlanta rapper engaged in extramarital affair that resulted in his having a child by another woman.

Tiny said they are trying to fix their marriage and she even made a music video about their union, titled What You Gon Do?, which has almost 60,000 hits in just 5 days.

YouTube/Pretty Hustle

Besides his tiff with T.I., Mayweather also has a problem with another rapper and former close friend, 50 Cent, who accused the boxer of not paying an old debt.

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