Heather Tom
Actress Heather Tom gives a glimpse of "The Bold And The Beautiful" set. bbheathertom/Instagram

Drama follows the Forrester family even as they head off to another continent on the next episode of “The Bold and Beautiful” (“B&B”). On Wednesday, Katie (Heather Tom) witnesses something that would confirm her suspicions about Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) and Quinn (Rena Sofer).

“B&B” fans would remember that Katie already shared her thoughts with Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang), who refused to believe any of it. Despite this, spoilers suggest that Katie will push her sister to confront Ridge about Quinn. Katie realises that while she’s putting her relationship at risk with Brooke, it would be better than letting her sister get hurt again. Other “The Bold and the Beautiful” characters who will appear prominently on the upcoming run include Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), Liam (Scott Clifton), Bill (Don Diamont), Eric (John McCook), Thomas (Pierson Fode) and Ivy (Ashleigh Brewer).

Spoiler Alert! This article contains "The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers. Read only if you want to know more about it.

TV Guide reports that on Wednesday’s episode of “B&B,” a controversial scene in the plane further convinces Katie that something’s going on between Ridge and Quinn. Sally, on the other hand, finds herself being in a situation that Quinn used to be in. The show posted a preview video for the March 15 episode. It features multiple scenes with Eric, Brooke, Ridge, Quinn and Katie.

Eric opens the clip as he talks to Brooke about Ridge. “He finally realised that in the whole world, there’s no one better for him than you,” the Forrester patriarch says. Eric also reckons he can really begin trusting his son again. “He loves you, Eric. He’s very loyal to you,” Brooke replies.

Elsewhere, Ridge is alone with Quinn once again. “I don’t ever want to lose your father,” she claims. “You’re not going to lose anything. Neither am I,” Ridge tells her. Later, Katie pulls Brooke aside to reveal what she saw. “I’m not crazy, I’m not blind,” Katie points out. “You have to talk to Ridge and get to the bottom of it.”

"The Bold and the Beautiful" recap

On Tuesday, Steffy and Liam, along with their loved ones geared up for their trip to Australia. Everyone seemed to be in high spirits as they boarded the flight, except Bill, who appeared to be grouchy during the trip. Katie sat next to him and kept a close eye on Ridge and Quinn. As Katie observed how the two interacted with each other, she became even more suspicious that something’s amiss. Later, as everyone prepared to sleep, Katie took time to spy on Quinn. Eric’s wife was watching Ridge give Brooke a goodnight kiss. Meanwhile, Bill told Katie that he was sure Ridge would soon ruin his relationship with Brooke. In another seat, Eric and Quinn professed their love for each other.

Elsewhere, Sally informed Shirley about Thomas’ invitation to Australia. Shirley was ecstatic and urged Sally to go, saying an opportunity like that won’t happen again. Sally decided that Shirley was right and ordered her staff to book the cheapest and fastest flight to Sydney. Sally told Shirley that she will follow Thomas and the rest of the Forresters to Australia but she won’t spy or pull any unpleasant publicity stunt.

Find out what happens next on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” which airs every weekday on CBS at 1:30 p.m. It also airs every weekday at 7:30 a.m. on the TEN Channel in Australia.