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Actor Donnie Wahlberg arrives for the International Emmy Awards in New York November 19, 2012. Wahlberg stars as Danny Reagan in the CBS series "Blue Bloods." Reuters/Carlo Allegri

"Blue Bloods" starring Donnie Wahlberg (Daniel "Danny" Reagan), Will Estes (Jamie Reagan), Bridget Moynahan (Erin Reagan) and Tom Selleck (Francis "Frank" Reagan) aired "Home Sweet Home" (Season 5, episode 12) on Friday, Jan. 16, 2015. This episode was about a homeless teenager finding a new home and a foster family, Erin getting removed as a prosecutor of a particular case and Danny working late for Jack's private tutor. Read on for the "Blue Bloods" Season 5 recap of episode 12 "Home Sweet Home" to find out what happened to Danny and his family.

"Blue Bloods" Season 5, episode 12 "Home Sweet Home" was written by Bryan Goluboff and directed by Robert Harmon. Here's what happened in "Home Sweet Home." Jamie and Danny encountered a homeless 13-year-old boy named TJ (Matthew Minierio) who needed their help, especially with his aunt who got killed. The teenager claims that his aunt's boyfriend was the perpetrator. After helping him with the case, Jamie decided to take him in because he has no other family left.

As for Frank, he accidentally sprained his ankle which got him stuck at home with Henry. Meanwhile, Erin had a conflict with D.A. Robert McCoy (Holt McCallany) involving her work and a case about a corrections officer. She was unceremoniously removed as the prosecutor of that case and it irritated her.

Danny is working overtime lately to help pay for Jack's (Tony Terraciano) tutor. Unfortunately, it's stressing Linda out because she feels as if she's the only one taking care of the kids and their home. Plus, Linda also has her job to think of.

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CREDIT: YouTube/Blue Bloods


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