International Women's Day Flowers
A herb vendor smiles after receiving a flower from leftist politically affiliated youths during International Women's Day at the port city of Sidon, southern Lebanon March 8, 2016. Reuters/Ali Hashisho

A 40-year-old Romanian woman showed female power on Tuesday when she allegedly stabbed her husband for failure to bring her flowers on International Women’s Day. That’s according to Ionel Popa who was rushed at 10 am that day at the Vaslui County Hospital in Dragomiresti, east Romania for emergency surgery.

The wife, 40-year-old Marinela Benea, attempted to emasculate Popa by driving the knife on his testicles, reports The Telegraph. Popa’s version of the reason behind the emasculation attempt was confirmed by Dragomiresti Mayor Aurel Turcu who was quoted as saying, “From what I understand, the woman got angry with him that he did not take the flowers and then cut him with a knife in the genitals.”

But the wife insists the reason behind their fight was his failure to do household chores, according to Vremeanoua, a Romanian news site. Benea adds that the stab wound on her husband’s testicles was accidental. Police are investigating who is saying the truth.

Metro reiterates Benea’s version of the incident. She says Ionel came home the night before drunk because he was paid with a bottle of wine for that day’s work. The next day, she told him to go out and earn or help with the household chores.

In the heat of their argument, she recalls, “I grabbed his balls. It was not my fault that he pulled away, and that’s when it happened.” Benea says she tried to alleviate the pain by putting some ice, but Popa insisted on calling an ambulance.

According to a paramedic who attended to Popa, the left testicle was hanging out of the scrotum because the skin was ripped open. He remains in the hospital recovering from the injury. The couple have been married for 15 years and has a 15-year-old son.

Women as well as men emasculating their partners, or rivals, have long been headline material since 1991 when Lorena Bobbitt cut off the penis of her husband, John Wayne Bobbitt, in Virginia. The genital was reattached and he became a porn star.

Still in Romania, in 2007, Dr Naum Ciomu got angry while performing surgery on Nelu Radonescu for testicular malformation. Rather than correct the condition, he sliced Radonescu’s penis using the scalpel and chopped it into three pieces, while the nurses watched the horror going on in front of their eyes. Radonescu sued Ciomu and was awarded by a Romanian court damages of £100,000 (AUD$191,081), plus costs of £20,000 (AUD$38,215).