Lady Liadrin is coming as a new hero in "Hearthstone." Blizzard

Developer Blizzard has previously teased that it will be updating three of its games, even two that are considered classic titles. Now, the promised update for “Warcraft 3” has already dropped complete with patch notes.

The “Warcraft III” 1.27 patch notes is meant to bring some improvements on the gaming experience for players who are already on newer machines. According to GameSpot, the fix is similar to “Diablo II,” which was recently patched to ensure that newer gamers or those who have already migrated to newer PCs will still enjoy a good run of the game.

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A new installer for Mac 10.10 and 10.11 have been released for Mac computer users. For those on Windows, “Warcraft 3” has been made more compatible for Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Finally, Chain Lightning crashes have already been fixed.

However, the patch still has some known issues that the developer are still handling. Among these are graphical issues, disabled ambient sounds and issues with windowed mode. Players on Windows 8.1 and 10 with saved games will need to look for them in a location requiring system admin. For Mac users, Mac 10.9 and earlier are still not supported, and the build itself does not support the editor. Blizzard has yet to confirm when it will roll out a patch that will fix the known issues.

Players on “Hearthstone” can expect a new hero as well. Following the latest update, Blizzard has also introduced Paladin Lady Liadrin, the latest hero who will be joining quests at the Tavern.

Over at the official “Hearthstone” blog, the developer announced that players who are already at level 20 can get a new achievement, the Fledgling Hero of Warcraft, to be able to unlock Liadrin in the game. The good thing about this new hero is that, apart from the achievement, an existing World of Warcraft account and some play time, there is no other requirement to get the new hero.

Sadly, the achievement does not recognise retroactive leveling up. The cutoff is March 11, 11 a.m. PST, and anyone who has leveled a character to level 20 after that will receive Liadrin. Blizzard has released a short clip showing off the Lady Liadrin’s background.

Lady Liadrin in "Hearthstone" (Credit: YouTube/Hearthstone)