"Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft" is getting a new expansion with new Legendary cards. Battle.net

Three of Blizzard Entertainment’s games are slated for an update. It appears that the developer is updating not only its newer titles, but also its classic games.

The most recent update to drop is for “Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.” It will receive an expansion that features a collectible card game dubbed as the “Whispers of the Old Gods.” According to the official Hearthstone blog, this will bring the card count up by 134 for the game. There will even be four Legendary Old God cards, which can be obtained using the Old Gods card pack to start collecting the Legendary cards.

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“Hearthstone” players can already get the pre-purchase expansion at US$49.99 (approx. AU$66.75). These will include a 50-pack bundle of Whispers of the Old Gods card packs. Pre-purchases will come with another new card.

For those who want to wait, the official release for the Windows, Mac and mobile platforms will be sometime in late April or early May. Card packs can either be obtained using in-game gold or real money, so it is essentially a free-to-play expansion. Come the release date, the Whispers of the Old Gods cards can be used in the Arena as well.

‘Warcraft 3’ Patch 1.27

Blizzard’s 2002 title is also getting a new update though the developer has not yet detailed what it will contain. A video sighted by GameSpot showcases the patch in the Chinese version of “Warcraft 3.”

According to the source, it highlights the newly introduced battle platform and its unique features. It appears that all versions of “Warcraft 3” will get the patch at the same time on March 15.

More interesting is the teaser that the latest patch is not the last one yet. Whether or not the next patch will introduce new features remains to be seen, but it is good that even an older game like this receiving an update is a good move for the company for players.

‘Diablo II’ Lord of Destruction to get smoother gameplay

Finally, the oldest game of the three, “Diablo II” is also being updated. This time, the patch is focused on Windows 10 players, so that the game will run more smoothly given the new machines running on the new OS.

Tech Times reported that the patch was created for the remaining fans who are still playing the title despite the release of “Diablo III.” Blizzard is looking forward to “Diablo II” players enjoying the game on more modern platforms, this time with a better and smoother gameplay run.

Some minute details of the update include compatible on higher Windows versions, including Windows 7, 8.1 and 10, as well as Mac installer for 10.10 and 10.11. All of the player’s saved characters can also be migrated in the first client so there will be no issues from the Windows system change.

"Diablo II" gets a new update (Credit: Youtube/GameSpot)