"The Blacklist" has taken a week's break and is scheduled to return on November 25, 2013. "The Blacklist" is one of the most talked about new drama series of this season. It has managed to keep its audience invested in the show, with viewership increasing with each new episode.

Raymond "Red" Reddington is one of the wanted criminals on FBI's list. An ex-government, he is known as "The Concierge of Crime." One day, he enters the FBI building and surrenders and puts forward a proposal to help FBI rat out the most wanted criminals in the world that even FBI is not aware about. However, he has a condition. He will only talk to Elizabeth "Liz" Keen, wife of Tom Keen and FBI's new analyst. Red's blacklist consists of the most dreaded criminals of the world.

Catching these criminals is just one aspect of "The Blacklist." NBC's drama series works mainly because of the mystery element associated with each of the principal character in it. These are the top five mysteries that the upcoming episodes may or may not solve.

Relationship between Red and Liz: Why Red chose Liz is the biggest mystery of "The Blacklist." To keep the truth from Liz, Red kills Liz's father, Sam, the one who adopted her when she was four-years-old, in the previous episode. Is Red Liz's biological father? At the moment, it looks highly possible. Red says thank you to Liz's father for raising Liz like her own child and later kills him.

Red's Past: What made Red a fugitive? He was one of the best government agents and suddenly one day, he turns rogue. In one of the previous episodes, he watched the annihilation of his house after visiting it. In that episode, we saw a glimpse of his little daughter, too. Red bought his former house for a hefty amount and then reduced it to rubble. He might have witnessed something in that house and destroying it meant destroying some of the memories related to that.

The girl's picture: In the episode "The Stewmaker," Red takes out a photograph from the album of the stew-maker before handing the album over to the FBI as evidence. The photograph is that of a young girl. In one of the recent episodes, Red looks for the girl's information on FBI's database. Who is the girl and how is she related to Red? Another big mystery that does not look like is going to be solved soon.

What is Tom's Real Identity: Liz's husband Tom is one of the most intriguing characters. He was able to walk out of the FBI office, without any criminal record sticking on him. Liz thinks that it is Red who was trying to frame her husband. There has to be more to Tom than being an understanding, sweet talking school teacher. If one believes Red, then Tom is one of the most dangerous criminal masterminds.

Who are the people keeping a watch on Liz and Tom's house: There are men who are keeping a constant watch on what is happening inside the house of Liz and Tom. Who are these men?

Agent Ressler's Story: In one of the episodes, Donald Ressler had said that he does not have anything else other than his job. There must be some unpleasant history that made him make that statement.

The brief synopsis of the upcoming episode 9 "Anslo Garrick": "Anslo Garrick (Ritchie Coster), the newest member on the blacklist, tries to capture Red; Liz is caught in an elevator," according to NBC.