‘Black Sails’ TV Series Episode 1 and 2 Review and Spoilers

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‘Black Sails’ TV Series Episode Review
Cast members (L-R) Luke Arnold, Hannah New, creator Jonathan E. Steinberg, Jessica Parker Kennedy and Zach McGowan attend the premiere screening of the Starz series "Black Sails" in Los Angeles January 8, 2014. Reuters

The pirates on the "Black Sails" TV series have created quite a buzz with the first two episodes. The exciting plot and action in the show has got many fans hooked to the show as more and more fans jump on the pirate band wagon.

The first episode of "Black Sails" is immediately gripping with an action sequence early on. The fight on high seas is immediately followed by the plot unfolding about what the legendary pirate Captain Flint is after and the brewing challenge to his captaincy.

There are multiple sub plots running parallel to the main focus on Captain Flint, played by Toby Stephens. A female brothel owner who buys the stolen goods from pirates - Eleanor Guthrie, played by Hannah New and the cook aboard the pirate ship - John Silver, played by Luke Arnold make the show every engaging.

There is a war coming and Captain Flint wants to rally the pirates to face the forces of the rest of the civilised world. With trouble within his ranks and the threat from the navies from powerful countries, Captain Flint has his plate full. Will he be able to go after his prized ship of enormous fortune?

The second episode of "Black Sails" shows what Captain Flint's intentions are. He had mentioned about wanting to be a king. He explains his plan of first taking a ship so rich that it can make any man king. He plans to buy guns, build a fort, recruit men and raise crops and cattle with the plunder.

A nation of thieves and pirates. A nation which will have enough resources to stand against the mighty navies of nations like Britain and Spain. Will Captain Flint succeed in this ambitious and near impossible plan?

Everything hinges on a piece of paper which contains the schedule of the prized ship. A rival pirate captain - Captain Vane is turning out to be the biggest obstacle in all of Captain Flint's plans in "Black Sails."

The cook John Silver, who had the paper, burnt it after memorising its contents. This has ensured his survival and he is expected to play an important role in the coming days a Captain Flint goes on his quest.

Will Captain Vane take this set back lightly or will he set on a quest of his own to foil Captain Flint's plan and take the prized ship he was after? The excitement is building as "Black Sails" promises a lot of action and intrigue to its fans.

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