'Black Sails'
A picture of Ray Stevenson as Blackbeard in the TV series "Black Sails" Season 3. Facebook/BlackSails

There will be more pain for England in “Black Sails” Season 4. Blackbeard is just getting started, and he will unleash his wrath on the British soldiers. In a recent interview, cast member Ray Stevenson teased what to expect from his character next.

[Spoiler alert]

Eleanor Guthrie (Hannah New) and the British forces were preoccupied with defeating the strategies of Captain Flint (Tony Stephens) in the previous season. In an interview with Inverse, Stevenson (Edward Teach) pointed out that they failed to account for Blackbeard, and this led to their eventual defeat.

Blackbeard did not get along with Flint n the season, and the two captains fought for the control of the fleet. When Charles Vane (Zach McGowan) sided with Stephens’ character, the betrayal was too much for Teach to handle, and the pirate left.

The hanging of Vane had some unintended consequences for the British. It motivated the pirates to fight back, and brought back Blackbeard at a crucial moment in the war.

Blackbeard will be “out for blood” in “Black Sails” Season 4, the report states. The character is now a key member in the alliance of Flint and Rackham (Toby Schmitz). However, there is also the danger of death, as an old bullet that is still there in his chest close to the heart. The bullet can take his life at any moment.

The death of Charles Vane, who was like a son to Blackbeard, still drives the old pirate. The pirates and the former slaves will now make their last stand against the British in the next season.

“Black Sails” Season 4 is the final chapter of the lives of pirates from Nassau. The trailer shows more action, drama and possible plot twists with shifting loyalties. The story has enough in store to keep the fans glued to the screen.

Credit: YouTube/ Starz