'Black Sails'
(L to R) Actors Luke Arnold, Hannah New, Clara Paget, Zach McGowan and Toby Stephens pose during a photocall for the television series "Black Sails" during the annual MIPCOM television programme market in Cannes, southeastern France, October 7, 2013. The International film and programme market for TV, video, cable and satellite (MIPCOM) opens from October 7 to October 10 on the French Riviera. Reuters/Eric Gaillard

Starz has released a trailer of “Black Sails” Season 4, which will be the final chapter of the TV series. The video teases the pirates preparing to continue the fight and not stop till the British forces are defeated.

[Spoiler alert]

After winning an impressive victory in the previous season, the pirates will press on in the next season. Captain Flint (Toby Stephens) is joined by John Silver (Luke Arnold), Rackham (Toby Schmitz) and Blackbeard (Ray Stevenson). On the British side, Woodes Rogers (Luke Roberts) will return, and he will be assisted by Eleanor Guthrie (Hannah New).

Woodes can be seen telling someone that the pirates intend to destroy the civilized world. The trailer teases some of the action sequences featured on the show, and Rackham remarks to Anne Bonny (Clara Paget) that “the end is about to begin.”

The fight against the British will not be easy in “Black Sails” Season 4, especially since there are factions among the pirates. Billy Bones (Tom Hopper), who hates Flint, leads his own faction. The two groups of pirates will face off in the next season.

There is one cause that may unite all the pirates, and that is the vengeance for the death of Charles Vane (Zach McGowan). Rackham promises just that in the trailer, in what appears to be a pep talk just before a big battle against the British.

The final battle of the pirates and the British in “Black Sails” Season 4 will also be the time when John Silver will rise in prominence. The trailer shows the character promising to liberate the New World. The last season of the show is also an opportunity for the producers to set up John Silver for a miniseries in the future. Starz, however, is yet to confirm any spin-off series of the show.

Credit: YouTube/Starz