'Black Sails'
A picture of actor Luke Arrnold as Long John Silver in Starz TV series "Black Sails." Facebook/ Black Sails

The pirates of Nassau face annihilation in “Black Sails” season 4 episode 6, but Long John Silver is resolute. The preview video of the next episode released online shows the pirates standing their ground in the face of an invading force that seems unstoppable.

The Spanish armada with over a thousand soldiers will reach Nassau in the next episode. The island will be overrun in a matter of hours, and there will be no place for the pirates to hide. But, Long John Silver (Luke Arnold) will refuse to leave.

The pirates have been in difficult situations before, and nearly lost their lives on more than one occasion. Will they manage to survive this Spanish attack in the next episode? Silver may not get any assistance from Rackham (Toby Schmitz). Rackham and his crew will sit in their ships to see who will win the battle in Nassau, before they make their move.

The surprise factor in “Black Sails” season 4 episode 6 may be the former slaves who are rising up to resist the British. This uprising is one of the main reasons why the Spanish forces have joined Woodes Rogers (Luke Roberts) in his fight against the pirates.

The preview video [see below] also appears to foreshadow another betrayal. Captain Flint (Toby Stephens) reminds Eleanor Guthrie (Hannah New) that she too was a pirate once. She is looking for some happiness with Woodes Rogers, but the Governor’s blood lust may leave her heart broken once again. What remains is the welfare of Nassau. Will she switch sides again for the sake of the island’s future, and to stop the seemingly never ending war? Her plan of exchanging control of Nassau for the remaining portion of the Urca gold could have solved most of the problems, but now they are heading into another long war.

Eleanor still controls the fort on Nassau. She can use the guns there to target the Spanish ships. Although this may not ensure a swift victory, it may be used to harass the enemy long enough for them to consider withdrawing. However, the former pirate will need a strong enough reason to switch sides at this crucial juncture.

Meanwhile, Long John Silver is easing into his role as the Pirate King. Will he have a trick up his sleeve against the massive Spanish army in “Black Sails” season 4 episode 6? The preview video teases an action sequence in which the pirates prepare for the attack on Nassau, and Arnold’s character is leading the defence.

Credit: Facebook/ Black Sails

Credit: Twitter/ Black Sails