Starz has released a new video with scenes from “Black Sails” Season 3. A new character, Blackbeard, will be introduced in the next season. When he returns to Nassau, the notorious pirate will find that the island is not what it once was.

[Spoiler alert]

Rackham (Toby Schmitz) was able to steal the Spanish gold that was previously onboard the Urca de Lima, in the previous season. Next year, the pirates will be able to use the gold to change the way things are run in Nassau. With the sudden influx of gold there will be a drop in piracy.

In the video, Ray Stevenson (Blackbeard) reveals that when his character arrives on the island he will find that there is a sort of “decadence” that has set in and there is a “soft underbelly” in Nassau. “There is a lack of pirating because, basically they are a victim of their own success,” Stevenson said in the video.

Rackham invites Blackbeard to help with Nassau’s problems. The infamous pirate will see that there is a chance for him to now not just be a powerful pirate, but also build a fleet in “Black Sails” Season 3.

Although the character is being introduced for the first time on the show, Blackbeard is not new to Nassau. “Blackbeard is a force to be reckoned with. And he’s coming back to Nassau to find Vane,” Executive Producer Dan Shotz said in the video. The scene of the two characters meeting for the first time shows Vane (Zach McGowan) getting ready for a fight when he sees the villainous character, while Blackbeard gives his old friend a hug.

Stevenson revealed that Blackbeard was previously a mentor to Vane and the two characters had previously sailed together and fought together. “Blackbeard’s like Captain Charles Vane’s father,” McGowan said. The two characters will once again work together in “Black Sails” Season 3.

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Source – YouTube/Starz