'Black Sails'
(L to R) Actors Luke Arnold, Hannah New, Clara Paget, Zach McGowan and Toby Stephens pose during a photocall for the television series "Black Sails" during the annual MIPCOM television programme market in Cannes, southeastern France, October 7, 2013. The International film and programme market for TV, video, cable and satellite (MIPCOM) opens from October 7 to October 10 on the French Riviera. Reuters/Eric Gaillard

The popular Starz TV series “Black Sails” Season 2 Blu-ray edition is now available for purchase. Fans also have the option of buying individual episodes of the show, in case they don’t want to buy the whole season.

The Bly-ray edition is available for $29.88 (AU $42.42), whereas the DVD edition is available for $24.99 (AU $35.47). The actual list price of the Blu-ray edition, however, is $59.99 (AU $85.16), according to the online retail giant Amazon.

The digital version of the show can be watched online via the Amazon instant video service. The service offers individual episodes of the season for as little as $1.99 (AU $2.82).

The main plot of the second season of the show revolves around the pirates of Nassau trying to get the Spanish gold onboard the ship Urca de Lima. Pirate captain Flint (Toby Stephens) and his crew member John Silver (Luke Arnold) will have to join forces in order to achieve their common goal.

Meanwhile, Eleanor Guthrie (Hannah New) finds it difficult to maintain control over Nassau after a new pirate Ned Low (Tadhg Murphy) arrives on the island. Some pirates will also manage to smuggle something of “immeasurable value” and bring it to the island in “Black Sails” Season 2.

Fans of the franchise are eagerly waiting for the next season of the show, which is set to premiere by January 2016. The trailer of Season 3 shows that the pirates of Nassau will now have to face the British Navy.

“Black Sails” Season 3 will introduce some major new characters. The infamous pirate Blackbeard (Ray Stevenson) will be making an appearance in the next season. Meanwhile, Woodes Rogers (Luke Roberts) will be sent by the British to take on the pirates and be the next governor of Nassau. The pirates will now have to face the consequences of stealing Spanish gold and other events from Season 2.

Credit: YouTube/ Starz

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