Roland Reed
A picture of Roland Reed as Dufresne in the Starz TV series "Black Sails." Starz

Roland Reed filmed one of the most important scenes of his character Dufresne in “Black Sails” Season 3 episode 7. In an exclusive interview with International Business Times, Australia Reed talked about the journey of his character on the show and more.

[Spoiler alert]

In a shocking scene, Dufresne was brutally killed by John Silver (Luke Arnold) in episode 7. The death brought to an end the long journey of Dufresne, who started off as an accountant in Flint’s (Toby Stephens) crew and later earned the position of Quartermaster, before turning against Flint.

“Flint embodied everything men needed in a captain, and Dufresne had respect for him. Not only because he was a good captain but also a lettered man,” Reed said about Dufresne’s initial view on Flint.

His view on the pirate captain changed over time and Dufresne started to suspect the captain. “Losing Billy was the catalyst of Dufresne's suspicion, that later transformed into full on mutiny with the loss of Mister Gate,” Reed said.

Events on the show forced one section of the pirates, who were opposed to Flint, to band together and go over to the British. “Betraying one king for another is never easy. But one thing he learned from his time with Flint is that pragmatism is key to when making decisions that might alter you future,” Reed said.

However, accepting the British pardon was not just a practical decision for Dufresne and appears to be an emotional one also. “Working with Hornigold seemed like the right thing to do, all Dufresne had was his brotherhood, and now that was lost. He would rather choose to be part of the new world than die in the old,” Reed said.

When asked why Dufresne choose to follow Captain Hornigold, Reed pointed out that Hornigold was “a man of reputation” and “a respectable man.” “In a way I think Captain Hornigold reminds Dufresne of Mr. Gates.”

“Hornigold sailed with Edward Teach, Henry Avery and can be seen as a legend in his own right. Captain Hornigold is a great tactician as we saw him out maneuver Flint in the beginning of season 3.”

Reed also praised Flint for his leadership and intelligence. “Flint on the other hand has an iron will and seems to always overcome his obstacles, he even seems to have the ability to overcome death. Hornigold might be a great Captain, but he can be stopped. Flint however, he never seems to falter in his quest for a free Nassau,” he said.

The actor recalled that his first day on the set was the most challenging for him in this season, as he was facing off Stephens’ character. “So the task was simple, just try to match the charisma of a Bond villain and do your job! Luckily the level of professionalism on set is always present and by take number three I was well on my way. Thanks Toby!”

With a challenging beginning, Reed finished off with a shocking death. The actor described the scene as being “quite technical.” “I was working with great actors and a stellar crew. Knowing it's your last scene you always give it your all,” he said. “As always there is a certain magnetic energy in the air...someone's about to die.”