Cast member Caitriona Balfe teased some details about what will happen when her character is reunited with her first husband Frank in “Outlander” Season 2, in a recent interview. Claire will be returning to her original time line of 1940s in the next season.

[Spoiler alert]

An interview with TV Guide, posted on YouTube, shows Balfe (Claire) and her fellow cast member Sam Heughan (Jamie). In the video, Balfe said that when she is reunited with Frank (Tobias Menzies) she will tell him that she is pregnant with another man’s child and that she doesn’t love Frank anymore.

Both the revelations will be startling to Frank, a man who loves his wife dearly. Balfe said that she sees the relationship between Frank and Claire to be “very different” from the relationship between her character and Jamie.

The actress said that the balance of power between Claire and Frank is tilted more towards Frank. Balfe felt that her character was more like a “little girl” when she is with Frank, as her first husband is more of a teacher to her. The “tragedy” of this relationship, is that Frank really loves his wife so much, Balfe said.

Balfe said that Jamie is the “true soul mate” for Claire, as they have a more equal relationship. The romance of the two characters is set to continue in “Outlander” Season 2, in which both the characters will be travelling to France.

The producers have shared a new behind the scenes picture of Claire from the next season online. It is not clear if this is a picture of the character having returned to Scotland or if she is still in France.

Credit: Twitter/ Starz

Meanwhile, Spoiler TV has revealed that the title of the third episode in “Outlander” Season 2 is “Useful Occupations and Deceptions.” The title of the fourth episode is said to be “La Dame Blanche.”